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Boarding Form

Please fill out our Boarding Form using one of the options below if your pet is having a surgical procedure at Brogli Lane Weaver & Alexander Animal Hospital.

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If you prefer, fill out the form when you get to our hospital.

Boarding Form

If your pet is taking any medication while boarding with us, there is an additional charge, per night, for medical boarding.
Please note that extra charges may apple for the services below.
You may also bring in your own food supply. Please let us know if you are supplying your pet’s food or if your pet will eat ours. Also let us know what your routine for feeding at home is normally.

Requirements for Boarding

• All animals must be current on all vaccinations (any overdue vaccine will be given upon arrival, this includes an exam by the doctor). If you cannot provide documentation, your pet will be considered unvaccinated.
• All animals must be free of external parasites (ex. ticks, fleas, etc.), or they will be treated at owner's expense.
• Brogli, Lane, Weaver & Alexander has my permission to do whatever is necessary should an emergency arise. If your pet needs any medical attention or medications while here, we will treat at owner’s expense.
• If a tranquilizer is necessary for treatment or handling, Brogli, Lane, Weaver & Alexander has my permission to administer such medication.
• We encourage you NOT to leave toys or other items as these are easy to lose. Brogli, Lane, Weaver & Alexander is not responsible for any items lost or destroyed during stay or any medical problems that come about due to improper ingestion.
• If your pet is receiving a bath on the discharge date please wait until afternoon to get your pet.
• Brogli, Lane, Weaver & Alexander requires that Bordetella Vaccination is current (within the last 6 months). Bordetella vaccinations administered within the previous 7 days may not be protective as the animal will not have had adequate time to mount an immune response to Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis (Kennel Cough).
• Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccines are not 100% effective and any dog exhibiting symptoms of kennel cough will be treated at the owner's expense.
• Any pet that requires additional care will accrue additional boarding fees as they are considered Medical Boarders.
I have read the boarding requirements and understand the hospital's policies

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