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Bathing Form

Please fill out our Bathing Form using one of the options below if your pet is having a bath procedure at Brogli Lane Weaver & Alexander Animal Hospital.

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If you prefer, fill out the form when you get to our hospital.

Bathing Form

Today you are dropping your dog off for a bath. The bath includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression and light hair brushing.
We also offer additional brushing and furminating services. Please choose from the following by selecting yes or no for our additional services. Please note that extra charges apply for these additional services.
**Please note that if your dog becomes stressed or fractious, we will not perform any additional services for safety of your pet as well as our staff. We will call you as soon as your dog is all finished! Pick up any time after 2pm!
I am the owner or agent of the animal described above. I have authority to execute this consent and am over the age of 18. I hereby authorize and direct Brogli, Lane, Weaver & Alexander Animal Hospital to perform the above described procedure(s). The nature and purpose of the procedure(s) have been explained to me and I understand that no guarantee exists as to the results of diagnosis and treatment of the above said animal. I understand that I am responsible for and agree to pay all such fees and charges at the time of discharge. I agree to pay, in full, for services rendered including those deemed necessary for medical or surgical complications due to unforeseen circumstances. If unforeseen conditions arise, in the judgement of the attending veterinarian, call for procedures and/or treatment other than those now being authorized, I authorize such procedures if reasonable efforts to contact me for further consent are unsuccessful. I have read and understand this consent.

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