Patient Spotlight: Spooky

Brogli, Lane, Weaver & Alexander Animal Hospital, Murfreesboro TN
December 13, 2016

Meet Spooky. Curious kitty, expert snuggler and best friend to her Mom, Betty. We know she doesn’t look it, but she just celebrated her 17th birthday. It was an extra special one because four years ago she was diagnosed with kidney failure and her parents were worried she may not live to see one more birthday let alone four more birthdays. Spooky’s story is a great example of how early detection can extend your pets life, and we hope by sharing it, we can help extend the lives of many other pets.

In November 2012 Spooky’s owners noticed that she just wasn’t acting quite right. Cats are notorious for hiding their illnesses and it is not always obvious when something is wrong. Spooky’s owners made the best decision they could have and brought her in to get checked out instead of waiting to see if the symptoms subsided on their own. They opted to run some bloodwork and we were able to see that her kidney levels were elevated signaling that she was in kidney failure. This was the bad news. The good news was we had caught it early and it was treatable. After her diagnosis, Spooky began a new routine of preventative bloodwork to check her kidney’s every 6 months, recheck visits in between and a new diet specialized for kidney health. Spooky has been following this preventative well-care plan for the past 4 years and it has worked. We have not seen any further elevation in her kidney levels. Thanks to her owners we were able to catch this disease early and extend her life. Early detection has given Spooky the opportunity to spend many happy birthdays with her family and we hope there will be many more to come.

We can’t stress enough the importance of early detection. It can make all the difference and add years to your pets life. Beginning a routine of wellness bloodwork is one of the best things you can do for your pet. When disease is caught early something as simple as changing your pet’s diet can extend their life. Just ask Spooky!.

Starting December 1st we will be running a Winter Wellness Promotion. We are offering discounts on two of our best blood panels to encourage more pet owners to practice preventative medicine with their furbabies.

Check out our blog The Importance of Early Detection or call us at 615-893-1728 for more information about our Winter Wellness Promotion and how you can protect your pet.